WITSEng. secret of success is to give our customers what they want. In order to accomplish this, WITSEng. offers a wide assortment of top-quality merchandise and services, coupled with guaranteed satisfaction. At the heart of WITSEng's growth is the philosophy that the customer is Number One. We believe that by serving the customer's needs first, WITSEng can add value to the client objectives, therefore becoming a major contributor to the overall success of our clients.

The use of alumina tri-hydrate wet filter cake in the manufacture of sodium aluminate truly revolutionized the international market and demand for this product. Today, this material is used to manufacture the majority of the products in the aluminum-based chemistry family. It was the atmosphere around these early innovations that sparked the creative, customer-driven culture that best characterizes Witseng today.

While liquid sodium aluminate remains the core of the company's business, Witseng currently manufactures and distributes a wide range of chemical products to the industrial and municipal markets.

As a privately owned, international manufacturer of specialty and commodity aluminum-based chemicals, Witseng serves customers in the titanium dioxide, catalyst, zeolite, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment, construction additive, antacid, detergent, and enzyme industries.

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